Shopify: The Rise of Recommerce

We created in-depth and educational content for Shopify’s News & Trends Retail Blog about the uptick in retail resale programs.



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Create in-depth and engaging top-of-funnel content exploring the surge in retail resale programs. The article should give a high-level overview of the state of the market, current examples, what to expect in the future, and how retailers can apply these strategies to their own businesses. 


Educate readers about the rise of reccomerce, while tapping a diverse group of SMEs for quotes to enhance the piece. 


The article has captured the featured snippet for ‘recommerce programs’ while ranking first for ‘retail resale programs.’ It sits within the top four search results for a handful of other main keywords SERPs including ‘resale programs’, ‘retail buyback’, and more. 

We leveraged the reach of our extensive subject matter expert network to collect quotes from Liz Hershfield, SVP, Head of Sustainability at J.Crew Group & SVP Sourcing at Madewell and Monica Park, co-founder of circular fashion group Eleven Radius.

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