How Starkware Increased Content Output by 20% with Third Wall


hours saved per week


assets created


increase in content velocity

“Third Wall provides excellent content, a quick and efficient process, and the ability to explain our very complex technology in a very clear way - all leads to being a great partner.”

Nitzan Shemer Grossman
Head of Marketing at Starkware

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Scaling Blockchain with Cutting-Edge L2 Solutions

StarkWare is a leading provider of Layer 2 (L2) blockchain scaling solutions, offering innovative products that enhance scalability, security, and performance for decentralized applications. The company has developed two main products: StarkNet and StarkEx.

StarkNet is a permissionless decentralized ZK-Rollup that allows developers to build and deploy smart contracts at scale. It operates as an L2 network over Ethereum, enabling faster and cheaper transactions while inheriting the security of the Ethereum mainnet. StarkNet utilizes STARK proofs, a type of zero-knowledge proof, to achieve scalability without compromising on security.

StarkEx is a standalone Layer 2 scaling engine that powers high-volume trading and payment applications. It is a customizable and application-specific scaling solution that leverages STARK proofs to offer scalability, security, and privacy.

The Challenge

Finding the Right Technical Writers To Meet Mounting Demand

Fresh off a significant Series C funding round, Starkware was experiencing rapid growth and expansion. However, with this growth came a new set of challenges.

The demand for content was mounting, with requests pouring in from various departments within the organization. and Starkware's lean in-house team simply couldn't keep up.
The nature of their complex technical products also meant that the engineering team was often pulled into content creation, not only slowing down the content creation process but also diverted the engineering team's focus from their core responsibilities.

The Solution

Increasing Content Velocity with Third Wall Creative

Impressed by Third Wall's extensive knowledge of the blockchain industry and their ability to quickly create high-quality technical content, Starkware found Third Wall as the perfect partner to seamlessly integrate and act as an extension of their in-house marketing team. 

To fully understand Starkware's product and its customer benefits, Third Wall conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and invested significant time in watching product demos and technical videos. Armed with this deep understanding of Starkware's product, Third Wall was able to create a wide range of tailored content assets that translated complex technical concepts into easily digestible content, helping engage both developers and decision makers from other organizations more effectively.

Together, we produced a wide range of assets including:

  • Technical Explainers
  • Company Announcements
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs & One Pagers
  • LinkedIn Posts & Twitter Threads

The Result

Saving Time, Enhancing Focus, and Driving Growth

By outsourcing their content creation to Third Wall, Starkware was able to save a staggering 40 hours per month, allowing their in-house marketing team and engineering team to focus on core business objectives and strategic initiatives.

Third Wall's efforts resulted in the creation of over 50 high-quality content assets, ranging from technical explainers and company announcements to newsletters, blogs, and social media content.

 This comprehensive content library not only supported Starkware's marketing efforts but also served as a valuable resource for their sales team, helping them effectively communicate the value of Starkware's solution to potential customers.


hours saved per week


assets created


increase in content velocity

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