A Game-Changing Partnership: Immutable and Polygon

We produced the leading announcement post for Immutable’s industry-defining partnership with Polygon.



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As part of our ongoing relationship with Immutable, we were tasked with writing the leading announcement post for Immutable’s industry-defining partnership with Polygon. 

At the heart of the alliance lies Immutable zkEVM, a new EVM-compatible zk-rollup powered by Polygon technology and with full Immutable platform support. Designed to make developing web3-enabled games faster, easier, and less risky, Immutable zkEVM allows both large game studios and independent developers to build high-quality games that support true asset ownership.


Simplify the complex technology and details of the partnership into a clear and compelling announcement that will educate and excite Web3 gamers, developers, and general blockchain enthusiasts. 


The announcement has driven over 10,000 page views (and counting) and currently lives on the top banner of the Immutable homepage. 

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“Third Wall's breadth of scope is impressive, only second to their ability to turn incredibly complex concepts into simple, understandable content."
Alex Thompson, Marketing Lead at Immutable

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